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Product NameVentilator
Organization NameVisakha Healthcare India Pvt Ltd
Contact Number+91-8192556575
City, Province, CountryVisakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh INDIA
Address14-37-34, 1ST FLOOR , KRISHNA NAGAR
Geographic CoverageEntire South India
Registration Number28647185157
Email Address and
NameNagu Appasani
Description The SERVO-s ventilator is based on proven SERVO technology, ensuring safe, reliable and high quality ventilation. By combining state-of-the-art sensitivity and reliability with simplicity, SERVO-s delivers top performance for both adult and pediatric patients in a variety of hospital ventilatory care settings.
Some of the key features of the SERVO-s are:
Invasive and non-invasive ventilation with leakage compensation
An intuitive user interface with touch screen, main rotary dial and direct access knobs
Ease of training, operation, maintenance and cleaning
Design for shelf mounting and intrahospital transport with Mobile Cart
The sensitive flow trigger and ultra-fast inspiratory flow controller in SERVO-s provides excellent patient interaction and reduced work of breathing.

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